The Social Labs Revolution

My interest in this book was triggered both by the nature of Hassan’s work (solving complex problems) and the (work of the) people Hassan calls colleagues: Adam Kahane, Joseph Jaworski, Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer. 

I was disappointed in the book because—unlike books I read by the four authors above—few deep reflections or insights were triggered due to shallow substance. For instance, Hassan lists three essential elements of a social lab (diverse participants, an iterative process, and systemic solutions) but in my reading experience fails to show how to realize these elements or fails to explain in lucid words how he has observed things going right or wrong. 

I am deeply interested in the process of solving complex challenges and I believe Reos partners has the hands-on experience to facilitate these processes. I think this is an opportune moment to publish a book about Social Labs. However, I think you probably learn more by experiencing one day in a social lab organized by Hassan than by reading the book.